This doctor says he can feel your pain, FOR REAL!

Joel Salinas

I recently talked about a guy with synesthesia who assigned feelings and characteristics to a range of numbers (“I Feel Intimidated By The Number 9!”). Today I will again touch this topic, however the focus this time will be on a different phenomenon, a doctor that experiences someone’s tactile sensations when he is seeing these people touch themselves or are being touched by another person.

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Again, Again And Again

Wendy Mueller

Leaving the house to go on a longer trip and checking if all the windows are closed repeated times is sometimes not an unusual thing. Once arrived at the car ready to begin said trip but still returning to the house to check the same windows again and again a few times is however not so normal. For people suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), it is something they have to deal with day by day. This kind of behaviour of these individuals describes however only a very mild form of this disorder and what the general public usually associates with people suffering from OCD.
Today I will present you with a case in which the patient expresses severe symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affecting her life dramatically.

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“I Feel Intimidated By The Number 9!”

Daniel tammet

Imagine yourself performing numerical calculations in your head and simultaneously thinking about another person’s feelings. It would probably distract you and slow you down. In this case I present to you a man that has assigned feelings and shapes to a range of numbers that allow him to perform rapid calculations.

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A Head Full of People

chris sizemoreWe wish to act differently from time to time. Whether it is being more creative in our job, paying more attention to the details when we wrap a present for our partner or not having to worry about every single word when people criticise us every now or then.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if we adapted these thoughts instantly or even better, have several characters in ourselves that we can control and actually switch to each of them when they prove to be most suitable?
The reality of such a condition is today referred to Dissociative Personality Disorder (DPD) and describes people possessing several characters (or alters) however with the cost of individuals having no control over such characters. Today’s case is about exactly that, a woman that had to deal with several alters in her head.

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The Living Google

kim peek

Remembering all the baseball scores of the last ten years by heart? Impressive! Providing the zip codes for all cities in the US? Useful! Reading a book page in 10 seconds with each eye and retaining 98% of its content? Impossible!
Kim Peek (†58 years) managed to perform all three due to a loss of brain structure and was known to be the most famous savant.

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The Man Who Literally Lives In The Moment


The first study describes a man that has lost his long-term memory due to a viral infection. For 30 years, he has been unable to recover his memory before the infection and even worse has lost the ability to form new long-term memories. Though he perceives the world like you and I, his short-term memory is only 7 seconds long which makes it almost impossible to have a normal life.

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