Meet the Blind “Batman”

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Navigating the world without the help of vision poses a difficult challenge for anyone. The earlier in life the blindness occurs, the more likely individuals are to adapt strategies to cope with their new situation. Initially, even the most simple tasks prove to be challenging, but the blind’s brain is able to adapt to this new situation. Ultimately, most blind individuals find it more straightforward to complete daily chores and are able to navigate using a cane or a guide dog.
However, one blind fellow uses another, yet a very efficient navigation technique,  apart from his cane: Echolocation!

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Derek Paravicini takes perfect pitch to a new level!

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Perfect pitch is the auditory phenomenon to be able to identify or re-create any given musical note without having to listen to a reference note beforehand. This ability however is extremely rare, and only very few professional musicians possess perfect pitch. This ability is especially useful when learning to play a new musical piece or when composing. However, the fellow I am going to talk about today is capable of re-playing any novel piece after having listened to it once. If this was not enough, once heard, the same musical piece he will never forget anymore.

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A Fellow With “Cool” Abilities


Running a full marathon above the Arctic Circle is a feat even trained athletes would have difficulties to achieve due to the extremely hostile environment. One guy however has managed to run the 26 miles and to make matters even more challenging wore nothing but shorts and sandals during the run. He even claims everyone is able to achieve just that! But how?

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The Girl Who Has Never Felt Pain

Ashlyn Blocker

Have you ever wished not feeling pain anymore? Most of us associate this thought automatically with something positive. No more problems with the knee, the back or the legs, who would not want that? However, pain is a very useful body mechanism that protects us from harmful external stimuli. But what would happen to us, if we did not experience pain at all in a dangerous environment?

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“Give Me A Text: I Can’t! Give Me A Pen: I Can!”

Howard engel

Do you think it is possible to write a simple sentence without being able to tell what it says a few minutes later? Well, if your handwriting was really bad, it would indeed be very likely. For the man I’m going to talk about in this case, this is a day to day struggle. However not that his handwriting is to be blamed, but a neurological cause!

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This doctor says he can feel your pain, FOR REAL!

Joel Salinas

I recently talked about a guy with synesthesia who assigned feelings and characteristics to a range of numbers (“I Feel Intimidated By The Number 9!”). Today I will again touch this topic, however the focus this time will be on a different phenomenon, a doctor that experiences someone’s tactile sensations when he is seeing these people touch themselves or are being touched by another person.

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Again, Again And Again

Wendy Mueller

Leaving the house to go on a longer trip and checking if all the windows are closed repeated times is sometimes not an unusual thing. Once arrived at the car ready to begin said trip but still returning to the house to check the same windows again and again a few times is however not so normal. For people suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), it is something they have to deal with day by day. This kind of behaviour of these individuals describes however only a very mild form of this disorder and what the general public usually associates with people suffering from OCD.
Today I will present you with a case in which the patient expresses severe symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affecting her life dramatically.

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